Prevention and Education

ABI Education & Prevention

Why is it so important to wear a helmet?  Why are concussions such a big deal?  FVBIA provides education about bike/safety and helmets to over 2000 Grade 1 and Grade 3 students in Chilliwack, B.C., in partnership with the Chilliwack Safety Village to answer these very important questions.

FVBIA also promotes brain injury prevention in the community. If you are looking for more information, presentations on brain injury/prevention or support because you or someone you know has had an acquired brain injury, please contact us.

FVBIA also provides:

General information on acquired brain injury
Presentations on prevention and awareness of brain injury
Education for family members, including children and siblings of survivors
Training and education for professionals

Resource Materials and Community Resources

Is a Helmet Worth It? How Brain Injuries Effect Different Body Functions

Guide to Bicycle Safety  

Visits to BC Children’s Hospital ER 2006-2013 for Long Boarding and Wheeled Vehicle Injuries.

For the latest on Concussion in Sport research and materials, go to the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit website.

Safety Tips for Bike Commuting

Beginner’s Guide to Safe and Healthy Cycling

Contact us for details.

Bikemonk – Cycling Safety 101

Spinal Cord Injury Resource

Bike Safety – download download download