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The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association’s 2018 Resource Manual has been updated for the eighth Printing and is available for download Info and Resource Package Brain Injury 2018

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Please click on the following link,  the Brain Top to Bottom.  This is a great site for using in group presentations, for family members and in orientation of new staff.  Enjoy!!

It can be overwhelming and confusing knowing where to go for support and information after an acquired brain injury. There is also a small resource library of books and training materials at the FVBIA office that are available for lending.

Take a look at BCBIA’s for videos, information on Health Authorities, Residential programs and other resources for people with acquired brain injuries throughout BC.

The Redbook is available online and has a variety of community agencies listed.

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 Useful Resources:

“Money matters – Understanding what Tax Credits and Deductions are available for the disabled”.  Deducations and Credits for the Disabled

“The Road Ahead: Next Exit Hope” is a booklet created by Carol Paetkau and Jodie Millward of the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association.  This booklet was developed with the support and guidance of people with an acquired brain injury and their families who wanted to share their stories with families new to this experience.  Although this booklet is designed for younger children who have siblings and/or parents with acquired brain injuries, it is intended to be used with an adult.  Parents and children can use the booklet together to share thoughts, stories, fears and tears.    To obtain a copy of this booklet, please contact The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association.

We would like to thank Fraser Health, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Soroptimist International of Abbotsford/Mission for their sponsorship in “The Road Ahead, next exit: hope” is a resource for those looking for information about brain and spinal cord injuries.

Food Resource List – an updated Food Resources Brochure put together by the Salvation Army Outreach Workers.

Neuroconnect Newsletter – a great newsletter out of Ontario on ABI and spinal cord injuries and it’s free!!!

Helmet Safety Resource – please click on the Helmet Safety Resource link for valuable information

Bike Riding –

Please go to the following website about CRPS, this is an inflammatory and/or neuropathic condition that develops after trauma, most commonly seen following injury to the limbs and its characterized by chronic pain. In severe attacks, patients are unable to recover completely and are left with disabilities for a lifetime. 

Website for College Students with Disabilities – please click on the link for more information.

The Nervous System The human brain is remarkable. In comparison to other animals, the brain is seven times bigger than it should be for the size of the body. During evolution, it enlarged in a rather short amount of time allowing humans to surpass other primates.

Researchers now have insight into the human advantage and ways to optimize the brain. We will explore these findings as well as the intricate functions of the nervous system. Check the Pacific Medical Training website for more information . 

The following link for spinal injury resource is equipped with helpful tips, support groups and resources for those who have been injured as well as their families.

Guide to Managing Finances After a Brain Injury –

Please click on the following links for more information regarding Spinal Cord Injury – the exercises and diet tips can be used by everyone!
Core-strengthening Exercises that Help with Back Injury Rehab

Top 10 Exercises for Disabled People

Dietary Guidelines for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Information for Disabled Seniors

Cerebral Palsy Group/brain injury

Brain Injury

Scholarship for Students with Disabilities


Driver Defense: 10 Ways to be Safer on the Roads

7 Safe-Driving Apps

Distracted Driving – Driving with Kids in the Car

Minimize Distractions While Driving and Keep Your Little Ones Entertained

ADHD and Driving: 8 Tips from a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

How Parents Can Practice Distracted Driving Prevention

How to Avoid Driving Stress

Concussion Management – How Counseling Can Help After a Concussion

Getting Over Grief Understanding its Stages and How to Heal?” download download download