Eligibility Criteria for Services

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for services, you must have proof of a diagnosis of an acquired brain injury*.  This must be confirmed by a physician and through medical and/or rehabilitation documentation*.  Additional eligibility criteria include:

  • Residency and citizenship requirements
  • Currently living within the boundaries of Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association (Langley to Boston Bar)
  • Limited or no funding from other sources (i.e. ICBC rehabilitation, ICBC settlement, Worker’s Compensation Board, Crime Victim Assistance Program, Long or Short Term Disability Programs)

* Proof of Acquired Brain Injury:

  • CT Scan, Neurologist Report, Physiatrist Report, or MRI Report.

* Medical and Rehabilitation documentation includes the following:

  • Psychiatric reports with DSM IV diagnosis of acquired brain injury
  • Neuropsychological assessments clearly indicating acquired brain injury
  • Hospital records clearly indicating acquired brain injury
  • Medical/Rehabilitation or Hospital discharge reports clearly indicating acquired brain injury.
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