About Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association

Mission Statement: Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association promotes holistic awareness, prevention and wellness for people with acquired brain injury, their supporters and the community.

The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association (FVBIA) started in 1991 as a support group for individuals who had an acquired brain injury and their families in the Chilliwack area and later in Abbotsford, BC. John Simpson, a renowned case manager in the field of brain injury, facilitated the groups. The members of these groups formed FVBIA in 1997.

The purpose of FVBIA is to provide support, assistance and information to people who have an acquired brain injury, their families and other caregivers. Conservatively, we know that approximately 22,000 people in BC sustain an acquired brain injury each year from car crashes, falls, assaults, blows from blunt objects, sports related injuries, anoxia, brain tumours, stroke, aneurysm, infections, diseases, metabolic causes such as anorexia and diabetes as well as people who have drug/alcohol interactions, toxins or brain surgery.  

FVBIA is involved in coordinating the development of appropriate services, opportunities, rehabilitation and training for people with acquired brain injury and is actively involved in promoting the prevention of brain injury through promotion of correct use of bicycle helmets. We are also active in advancing public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the specific needs of people with brain injury and their families. We provide free in-services about brain injury and resources to agencies, schools, students, families, local hospitals and service providers. We believe prevention to be the greatest cure. Please contact our office for information on services pertaining to prevention, education and safety.

In addition, FVBIA provides case management services for adults and children. Support groups for survivors and families are also offered throughout the Fraser Valley. We also offer a variety of health and wellness supports and groups. 

FVBIA has contracted the operation of drop-in programs in Chilliwack and Abbotsford for people with an acquired brain injury with Communitas Supportive Care Society. 

Please contact us for information as services and programs do change over time.

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association (FVBIA) Phone: 604-557-1913 
201 – 2890 Garden StreetToll-free: 1-866-557-1913
Abbotsford, BC V2T 4W7Fax:          604-850-2527
Email: info@fvbia.org             Website:  www.fvbia.org

FVBIA is funded in part by Fraser Health’s Acquired Brain Injury Program, the Province of BC, Brain Injury Alliance, as well as through donations, memberships, grants and various fundraising events. 

FVBIA is a Registered Charity

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association Programs

FVBIA offers support to children, youth and adults with acquired brain injuries, their families and supporters through a variety of different programs. 

Please call Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association for more information on case management services, social and leisure programs, skill development, children’s summer camps, prevention activities and other resources that are presently available.  

FVBIA holds workshops and events throughout the year. Current programs and upcoming events are listed in FVBIA’s E-News Newsletter that can be found on our website https://www.fvbia.org/newsletters. Newsletters are emailed out every two months. 

To subscribe to the newsletter, please contact FVBIA at info@fvbia.org or subscribe online at


Drop In/Leisure Programs

Drop In/Leisure Programs are available in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Hope, BC.  These programs offer a social place for people with acquired brain injuries (ABI) and their families to provide mutual support and education.

Abbotsford:  Call 604-557-1913 or toll-free 1-866-557-1913 for more information or check the FVBIA website www.fvbia.org for the latest edition of the FVBIA newsletter for details. 

Chilliwack Drop-In:  Call 604-557-1913 or toll-free 1-866-557-1913 for more information or check the FVBIA website www.fvbia.org for the latest edition of the FVBIA newsletter for details. 

Hope Leisure Program: Call 604-557-1913 or toll-free 1-866-557-1913 for more information or check the FVBIA website www.fvbia.org for the latest edition of the FVBIA newsletter for details.

For details on other drop-in and leisure program times and locations in the Lower Mainland, please contact the FVBIA office at 604-557-1913 or toll-free at 1-866-557-1913.

Case Management Services

Effective Case Management is the cornerstone to recovery after acquired brain injury. FVBIA offers skilled Case Management to identify areas of need and help navigate the complex path back into the community.

Education/Networking Groups

Education/Networking groups are offered in Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. The groups focus on sharing, developing skill and learning to function as well as possible with the cognitive and emotional challenges of acquired brain injury.

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association Program Overview

Support Groups

Fraser Valley Brain Injury offers a variety of support groups throughout the Valley for people with brain injuries and family members.

Children’s Activities

Fraser Valley Brain Injury offers Young at Arts Summer Camp(s) for children affected by ABI.  Children who have an acquired brain injury, siblings and children who have a parent(s) with ABI join together in fun-filled activities focussed on art and nature. 

ABI Education & Prevention

Why is it so important to wear a helmet?  Why are concussions such a big deal?  FVBIA provides answers to these questions by providing education about bike/safety and helmets in the community.

Creative Art & Photography Groups

Previously undiscovered talents are brought out in FVBIA’s various art and photography groups throughout the Fraser Valley.  Not only do these groups produce amazingly talented artists and photographers, they help define a sense of purpose after life changing injuries.

“Tiger Raspberry” courtesy of Dave Hildebrand 2013

Pay it Forward (PIF): Health and Wellness for ABI

A healthy lifestyle is essential for promoting brain health and physical/emotional recovery after acquired brain injury. FVBIA focuses on a holistic approach to health and recovery, emphasizing psychological, social, physical and mental wellness and empowers participants to offer their skills to others.  FVBIA offers a variety of group and individual programs based on participant physiological, cognitive, social and emotional needs as well as their interests (such as nutrition/community kitchen, physiotherapy, recreation therapy, arts and photography, yoga, fitness centres, pets, etc.).  Professionals in these areas are brought in to present to the groups and people with ABI are also invited to share their skills and interests with other participants.

Corrections Liaison Program

FVBIA provides brain injury education and support to inmates with ABI and staff of Federal and Provincial institutions.